Strategic Networking and Effective Performance

Pro Pilots Strategic Networking and Effective Performance is a two-day course.

We will take you through a range of modules, designed to teach you how elite athletes manage and deliver high performances when needed, and how experienced assessors from airlines measure performance at interviews. Elite athletes and pilots both have in common, that they must perform at very specific times and they must be able to handle unexpected pressure in all situations with the best possible outcome. As a pilot, you often experience pressure in a recruitment situation, a command upgrade, a simulator check or if you are dealing with an abnormal working day.

Knowing what to look for, and how to show your best and your worse in a positive way, is the best way to insure a positive outcome from an interview, but also needed in a long career, where you will be tested several times every year on the flight deck and simulator.

If you have completed our PDA, you will recognise some of the modules, as they will be repeated to assess your progress. The modules are as follows.

Day 1

    • Presentation exercise, how to make it effective
    • Competency-based interview, theory and exercise
    • Study and theory how our minds work, why we make mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Case study “Approach briefing”
    • How to build an effective application and CV
    • Recruitment and assessment insider information


Day 2

    • Recap and questions from course day 1
    • The four generations in today’s commercial marked, differences and team work
    • Our thoughts and feelings, how they interact
    • Mental fitness, how to maintain a positive attitude
    • Mental fitness, handling up and downs
    • Case study – “Life on the line”
    • Mental fitness, visualizing and relaxing techniques
    • Evaluation

You will be given feedback on all modules during the course. This is to maximize your understanding of the theory behind our observations and assessments. 

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