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Pro Pilots help student pilots all the way from flight training to employment with an Operator.

The route to individual coaching and support goes via our two unique courses PDA and SNEP, where among many other things you will learn about techniques normally only mastered by elite athletes. Working with Pro Pilots you will never be left alone to build your career as a professional pilot. We will be able to assist you with all aspects of getting a career pilot job, including referring you to selected Operators for employment, or in some cases be able to offer you a contract on behalf of an Operator.


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Personal Development Assessment contains many of the same components as an airline assessment day. We will provide you with honest and comprehensive feedback enabling you to be prepared for “the real thing”.


Strategic Networking & Effective Performance provides you with a lot of vital skills that are not normally covered during flight training. These include job strategies, CV and Cover letter production, smart ways to communicate with a senior trainer and mental techniques that are normally only taught and mastered by elite athletes. To be mentally strong and to learn how to perform when the pressure is high, is a skillset that you will be able to use throughout your career as a pilot.

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