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I was lucky that I found Pro Pilots Consulting already before I began training to become a pilot. I went to a Workshop where I received a thorough introduction to the aviation industry – but most importantly, I gained access to a network of pilots. I have since kept in contact with my mentor, who have been a really good support. I would like to thank the Team behind Pro Pilots for your work with helping aspiring pilots all the way through – but in particular I would like to thank my Mentor.


I felt that I was taken serious and that you listened to me. I met with the Pilot Anders, who was very good att demystify flying for me. Then I met René, who has been excellent at providing me we the tools I needed to control my fear. Today I feel I can control my fear of flying. Thank you so much!


I was about to begin commercial flight training and the flying school did not think that my medical restriction would be an issue. I was not confident and I decided to contact Pro Pilots Consulting a decission I will never regret. They helped me to prevent me from making a huge mistake. Even though I did not become a pilot – I am very grateful for the advice I received – tt was worth every single penny.


I received help in connection with my job interview. Within very short time, I received serious and competent assistance. I felt relaxed and well prepared before going to the interview. I got the job – but if I would have got it any way I am not sure – what I do know is that if there is a nextime – I will use you again. Super service!!!


As one the very first clients I have been able to follow the setup develop. The thoughts behind Pro Pilots Consulting is a great gift to aviation and very groundbreaking. It is all about helping each other and create a network. You do not get what you pay for – you gain a lot more. As a newly graduated pilot I had spend close to half a million danish kroner. Coaching and interview preparation was worth every penny. It is without shadow of  doubt, the best investment I have ever made. Thank you!


I contacted and used Pro Pilots Consulting in connection with my preparation to become a pilot. It went really well. You make sure that all areas are covered, you did not try to persuade or scare me about becoming a pilot. You presented “things” the way you saw them without painting a glorified picture. Thank you!