Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

How can we help – who are you?


We take pride in finding the right candidate. In a partnership with you as an operator, we can find pilots who are tailor-made for your operation.

Pilot Academy

By integrating modules designed and run by Pro Pilots, your candidates are one step closer to getting a job with an Operator.


Teaming up with Pro Pilots you will never walk alone. Our two modules PDA and SNEP are the first two steps towards coaching and support by us.

Air Convention 2018 in Vilnius

We will be at the 2018 Air Convention in Vilnius – come meet us!

Next PDA Workshop September 25th

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During our specialized course SNEP, the candidates receive a thorough lecture describing the differences between generations by Pro Pilots CFO, René Krieger Kristensen, who is also the author of the book “Generations”.


Our candidates receive valuable insights into how performance psychology works by Freddy Gleisner, who has spent a lifetime coaching elite athletes in how to manage and maintain peak performance.